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Professor Wu Mengyun gave a lecture under the title "Academic Ability Training and Goal Construction" for the 2020 graduate students
date:2020-09-20   view:

On September 18, 2020, the School of Finance and Economics held a lecture on "Academic Ability Cultivation and Goal Construction" in Auditorium 1301, Sanjiang Building. Dean Professor Wu Mengyun gave a lecture and all the 2020 graduate students participated.

Professor Wu Mengyun first pointed out the criteria for qualified graduate students, undergraduate students must learn to read, and graduate students must learn to do research. Secondly, Professor Wu proposed that the establishment of life goals is fundamental, and it is necessary to design a study plan that suits you, and give detailed instructions on how to engage in scientific research and how to select topics. Finally, Professor Wu pointed out the basic qualities that graduate students should have in scientific research and the cultivation of curiosity, imagination, understanding of mathematics, and understanding of philosophy. In the interactive session at the end of the lecture, Professor Wu patiently answered the questions of the students one by one based on his own study experience and scientific research road, and put forward valuable suggestions, which benefited the students a lot.

Educational lectures for new graduate students in the School of Finance and Economics are one of the important contents of entrance education, and it is the "first class" in the graduate stage. The successful holding of this lecture enabled the students further understand the relevant situation of our school’s postgraduate study and life, and provided useful guidance for their future academic research.

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