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Our industrial policy evaluation team successfully completed research on key manufacturing enterprises in Zhenjiang City
date:2022-09-19   view:

On September 16, the research on key manufacturing enterprises in Zhenjiang City, which was jointly participated by Zhenjiang Development and Reform Commission and Jiangsu University Industrial Economics Research Institute (Jiangsu New Materials Industry Policy Assessment Center), was successfully completed. The whole research activity lasted for three weeks, and more than 60 key manufacturing enterprises in Zhenjiang were investigated.

The research aims to study the impact of the complex situation of the game of big countries, the new crown epidemic, climate change and other complex situations on Zhenjiang manufacturing enterprises, and accumulate first-hand information for objectively grasping the current situation and bottlenecks of enterprise development and refining accurate and effective industrial policies. Through the research, we understood the basic situation of enterprises, main products and application fields, projects under research, revenue and capital situation, future planning, etc. on the ground.

The successful completion of this research activity has strengthened the contact between the municipal government, scientific research institutions and manufacturing enterprises, set up an important platform for the exchange of government, industry, academia and research, laid the foundation for the government to accurately implement policies, accumulated original information for the policy evaluation of scientific research institutions, and provided "tailor-made" guidance for the high-quality development of manufacturing enterprises in Zhenjiang.

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