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Sun Huaping
date:2020-09-18   view:

Title: Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
ADDRESS:School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, P. R. China

【Research Field & Interest】
1. Global Value Chains and International Trade
2. Industrial Organization and Environmental Economics
3. Regional economy and sustainable development

【Educational Background】
1.2017.9-2017.12 Nanyang Technological University, Visiting scholar
2.2016.6-2019.6 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Post doctor
3.2015.3-2016.3 University of Nevada, Reno, Visiting scholar
4.2007.9-2011.6 Zhejiang University, Ph.D.
5.1997.9-2005.7 Qingdao University, Master and bachelor

【Teaching courses】
1. International Trade
2. Intermediate International Trade
3. Energy Economics
4. Environmental Economics
5. International Logistics and Supply Chain

【Main published Paper】
1. Sun HP, Geng Y, Hu LX, Shi LY, Xu T. Measuring China's new energy vehicle patents: A social network analysis approach. Energy. 2018, 153: 685-693. (IF: 4.968)
2. Sun HP, Sun weifeng, Geng Yong, Yang xi, Bless Kofi Edziah. How does natural resource dependence affect public education spending? Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2018, 11. (IF: 2.8)
3. Sun HP, Sun weifeng, Geng Yong, Kong Yusheng. Natural resource dependence, public education investment, and human capital accumulation. Petroleum Science. 2018, 3. (IF: 1.624)
4. Sun HP, Gulzara Tariq, Kong Yusheng, Muhammad Salman Khan, Geng Yong. Nexus between environmental infrastructure and transnational cluster in one belt one road countries: Role of governance, Business Strategy Development, 2018.1
5. Sun HP, Geng Yong, Sun weifeng, Kong Yusheng. Firm Internationalization, Diversification and Corporate Value Empirical Evidence from Listed Chinese Corporations, Management Science and Engineering, 2016.10

【Research Project】
1. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on Low Carbonization Transition Path of High Carbon Industry in China Based on Knowledge Spillover of Global Value Chain (71774071)
2. China Postdoctoral Fund: Research on the green mode of China's foreign industrial transfer in the "OBOR" process (2016M601568)
3. Ministry of Education Project: Research on the Formation Mechanism and Stability of Patent Pool in Emerging Industries (14YJC790106)
4. National Statistical Bureau Project: The Impact of Spatial Transfer of Carbon Emissions on Regional Synergistic Development (2014 LY036)
5. Jiangsu Soft Science Project: Research on Cooperative Innovation Model of Jiangsu New Energy Automobile Industry Chain Based on Patent Pool (BR2017024)
6. China Post-doctoral Fund: Research on the Influencing Factors and Realization Mechanism of Farmers' Professionalization in the Process of Agricultural Modernization (2012 M521025)

【Academic Activities】
1. 2016.1, Annual Conference of American Economics, San Francisco
2. 2017.10, Singapore Energy Week, Singapore

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