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Professor Sun Hua Ping, Director of the Institute of Low-Carbon Economy and Environmental Regulation of our institute, was selected as ESI hot paper
date:2020-09-25   view:

According to ESI latest statistics, Professor Sun Hua Ping, Director of the Institute of low-carbon economy and Environmental Regulation of our Institute, has published a paper in Energy Policy (SCI/SSCI) in December 2019, IF=5.042), was selected as a hot paper in the field ESI 0.1% Social Sciences (Hot papers).The title of the paper is Institutional quality,green innovation and energy efficiency (doi :10.1016/ j.enpol.2019.111002).

ESI (Basic Science Indicators Database) is a basic analytical and evaluation tool for measuring scientific research performance and tracking scientific development trends in the world.The ESI is divided into 22 disciplines. ESI hot papers (Hot Paper) refer to the papers published in the last two years in a certain discipline field. In the last two months, the number of citations has entered the top 0.1% of the papers in the world.

Professor Sun Hua Ping's team has long been committed to industrial green low-carbon transformation and global value chain upgrading and other related research. At present, the team is promoting international green innovation model, energy structure transformation and regional carbon regulation and other related research.

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