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Shi Junguo gave a lecture under the title "Innovation and Catching Up: An Investigation of State-owned Enterprises and Foreign-funded Enterprises" on the "Wukesong Forum"
date:2020-11-24   view:

On November 23, the "Wukesong Forum" academic lecture event sponsored by the School Party Committee Propaganda Department and undertaken by the School of Finance and Economics was successfully held in the 1301 Auditorium of Sanjiang Building. The lecturer is Mr. Shi Junguo from the School of Finance and Economics, and the theme of the report is "Innovation and Catching Up: An Investigation of State-owned Enterprises and Foreign Enterprises". Nearly a hundred teachers, students studied and listened to the lecture in the form of a combination of online, and offline.

In the lecture, Mr. Shi Junguo believed that innovation has become a necessary path for my country to achieve economic catch-up. However, different companies have different genes, and their innovation behaviors are quite different. This will be briefly explained by taking Huawei and ZTE as examples. In addition, through the analysis of the innovative strategies and behaviors of enterprises of different ownerships, regional development policies (such as the reform of state-owned enterprises in the revitalization of the Northeast), foreign trade policies (such as the "market for technology" strategy) and international catch-up issues (the Sino-US trade war) Expressed his views.

The content of the lectures is clear and widely cited. Teachers and students discuss enthusiastically, creating a relaxed and active academic atmosphere, promoting teachers and students' understanding of relevant professional knowledge, and also conducive to the shaping of students' academic awareness.

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