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The 10th "Chinese and Foreign Graduate Academic Forum" Financial Management Forum of Jiangsu University was hosted successfully
date:2020-11-25   view:

On November 22, the 10th "Sino-Foreign Postgraduate Academic Forum" Financial Management Sub-forum, organized by the School of Finance and Economics and co-organized by the School of Management and Kexin Institute, was successfully held in the third lecture hall of the conference center. The theme of this forum is "World Change and Innovative Development". Professor Li Wenyuan of the School of Management, Associate Researcher Wang Meng of the Institute of Science and Technology Information, and Associate Professor Yang Lili of the School of Finance and Economics served as the on-site judges. More than 120 Chinese and foreign graduate students attended the meeting. Professor Chen Haibo, the deputy dean of the School of Finance and Economics, visited the site to guide the work.

At the forum, Associate Professor Li Yaya from the School of Finance and Economics gave a theme report entitled "The Network Structure Characteristics and Determinants of the Belt & Road Industrial Robot Trade". Subsequently, twelve Chinese and foreign graduate students from the three colleges demonstrated their results and exchanged reports online and offline. According to the on-site scoring by experts, four students including Cheng Yuexin, Xu Feiran, Wang Ling, and Niu Yifei won the Best Oral Report Award; and eight students including Li Xiaofan won the Excellent Paper Award.

During the coffee break, all the participating students voted for the 50 posters on display, and 15 groups of students including Zhang Yu won the Best Presentation Award.

This forum has built an academic platform for Chinese and foreign graduate students to learn from each other and stimulate innovation. It is conducive to expanding graduate students’ international vision and scientific research and cultural exchange capabilities, and has a positive impact on the improvement of Chinese, foreign graduate students’ innovative ability, and academic level.

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