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Professor Chen Haibo gave a lecture under the title "Scientific Morality and Style of Study" for the 2020 graduate students
date:2020-09-19   view:

On September 18, 2020, the School of Finance and Economics held a lecture on "Scientific Morality and Style of Study" in the 1301 lecture hall of Sanjiang Building. Vice Dean Professor Chen Haibo gave a lecture, and all the 2020 graduate students participated.

Dean Chen opened this lecture with the question of "Why the construction of scientific ethics and style of study as a graduate education course". Afterwards, it started from three aspects: the ten major misconducts and harms in scientific research and academic activities, the ten academic norms that graduate students should consciously abide by, and the ten scientific spirits and academic accomplishments that graduate students must possess. Dean Chen emphasized that in engaging in scientific research and academic activities, we should adhere to the attitude of seeking the truth from facts, rigorous self-discipline. In addition, adhere to academic ethics, respect scientific facts, combine the cases of academic corruption and academic fraud at home and abroad in recent years, and the results of the treatment, and warn new graduate students. It is our responsibility to prosper academics, develop advanced culture, promote social progress, and oppose bad habits such as selling fame and eager for quick success. Finally, Dean Chen explained the research tasks during the postgraduate period and the process of writing graduation thesis, and once again emphasized that academic ethics is an important criterion for measuring the personal moral level of graduate students.

This lecture made the students clearly realize the importance of abiding by academic ethics, and gave them a deeper understanding of future development goals and directions of struggle.

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