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Our faculty members attended an educational lecture on the theme of "Preventing the slightest change and keeping the alarm
date:2022-05-26   view:

    In order to further promote the construction of clean honest administration, and guide all teachers and students with Party membership to build a solid ideological defense line to refuse corruption and prevent deterioration, on the afternoon of May 25, the school of Finance and Economics organized a warning education activity in the 1301 lecture hall, inviting Weijia Du, a retired police officer from Zhenjiang Prison in Jiangsu Province, to make a theme education lecture entitled "Preventing the slightest change and keeping the alarm bells ringing".

    In the first stage of the lecture, Mr. Du experienced a real case in which a middle-level prison cadre broke through the bottom line and fell into the abyss. The real case in which a law enforcement officer finally became a prisoner triggered everyone's thinking. He stressed that Party members should strengthen the bottom line thinking, enhance the awareness of rules, and constantly strengthen integrity and self-discipline.

    In the second stage of the lecture, he centered on "What kind of person to be". He pointed out that a person's value was reflected by his contribution to the society, and a person should respect the starry sky above his head and the moral law in his heart, further strengthening the ideological understanding that "Life without freedom is the most painful". He hoped that college teacher Party members should bear in mind the original mission of "educating people for the Party and educating talents for the country", adhere to the high moral line, adhere to the bottom line of law and discipline, earnestly perform their duties as teachers, and strive to be a good teacher of "Four-Have". He reminded the student Party members, the young generation is the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation,who shoulder heavy responsibilities and have a firm mission. As the future financial industry practitioners, the students of the school of Finance and Economics should be firm in the belief of not falsification of accounts, constantly strengthen the integrity, clean consciousness, kept the bottom line, did not touch the red line, really let the rules and discipline internalized in the heart, externalized in the practice.

    In the course of the lecture, Mr. Du also carried out interaction with the teachers and students of the Party members present. Everyone expressed that they should always think about the harm of desire, and ensure that there is no reckless thinking inside to ensure that there is no reckless action outside. They should be cautious in small matters and strict in self-restraint, and be pure and clean.

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