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Teachers of our college participate in the centralized education activities of teachers' ethics
date:2022-05-12   view:

    In order to implement the spirit of documents such as "Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Teachers' Ethics in the New Era" and "Opinions of Jiangsu University on Further Strengthening the Construction of Teachers' Ethics" issued by the Ministry of Education and other seven departments, and effectively strengthen the construction of teachers, the school of Finance and Economics held a special report on teachers' Ethics and teachers' ethics in the afternoon of May 11th in the news Hall of 1301 Sanjiang Building, inviting retired teachers from the school of Mechanics, Professor Liling Dai who is the first famous teacher of Jiangsu University, the first model of teachers' ethics, the top ten universities in Jiangsu Province and the top ten teachers in Zhenjiang City, gave a special report on the teaching work of the whole college, entitled "Never forget the original intention, and the teacher's ethics is paramount". The report was chaired by Yelin Dai, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College. All the teachers of our school attended the report.

    Starting from the connotation of teacher ethics, Professor Liling Dai described the 35 years of personal experience of cultivating students,  her understanding and perseverance of teacher ethics as the soul, learning as a teacher and being a good example are reflected in the vivid practice of teaching and educating people in one pile and one case. Finally, she encouraged the teachers present, adhering to teacher ethics as the soul and empower with love, adhering to dedication and perseverance, and deeply research to refine yourself. Continuously thinking, exploring, summarising and improving in the teaching and education process.

    Yelin Dai pointed out that Professor Liling Dai's special report had taught all the teachers of the school a vivid and wonderful lesson, which was deeply moving and thought-provoking. It was both educational guidance and demonstration guidance. All teachers should always bear in mind the original mission of "educating people for the Party and the country", keep close to the fundamental task of establishing moral education, look to the advanced, learn from the advanced, always take the standard of "Four-Have" good teachers as a guide for action, adhere to the moral standing, moral learning, moral teaching, and effectively serve as a good guide and instructor for the healthy growth of students.

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