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Hu Xuhua
date:2022-03-01   view:

· Title:  ProfessorDoctoral  Supervisor
School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang  212013, P. R. China
+86 511  8879

Research Field &  Interest
Industrial  Cluster  Development and Regional  Economic  Growth
Global  Production  Network  and Local Industry Upgrading

Educational Background
06/2000: Study at Jiangsu  University of Science and Technology
06/2005: graduate study at Jiangsu  University
01/2010: Doctoral Study at South  East University
01/2013: Post-Doctoral  Study at Nanjing University and Jiangsu Academy of Macroeconomic  Research
02/2013: Visiting scholar in  Cleveland State University

6.01/201612/2016:  Visiting scholar in Radboud  University Nijmegen
Teaching Courses    
; Macroeconomics;  World  Economy; Industrial  Economics; Operation and  Management of Transnational Cooperation; Research  on Industrial Organization and Industrial Development

Transmission Effect and Countermeasures of the Crisis-induced  Industry Decline”, Economist, 06,2015

“Analysis and  Simulation of the Knowledge Diffusion Mechanism within Industrial Clusters Based  on Epidemic Model”, Operations Research and management  science,06,2015

“Research on the  business model innovation of wind power equipment manufacturing industry in  China based on industrial chain”, Engineering Science, 03,2015

“Research on the  Governments  Role on the Leap-upgrading of the Knowledge System——Based on Industrial Cluster Knowledge System”, Technoeconomics &  Management Research, 02,2015

Research on the  Impact Effects and Precaution Mechanism of Trade Restrictions on Strategic  Emerging Industries——Based on the Solar Cell Industry”,Inquiry into  Economic Issues, 02,2015

Research on the  Mechanism and Agent-based Simulation of Knowledge Diffusion among Industrial  Cluster Enterprises”,Journal of System  Simulation,  08,2014

Research on the  Upgrade of Chinese Local Producing Foreign Trade Enterprises Based on Global  Value ChainEnterprise  Economy,01,2013

the Sustainable  Growth of Chinese Manufacturing Industry’s International Competitiveness on the  Background of Labor Cost Improving”,Modern Economic  Research, 05,2012

“Study on  Principal Choice of Knowledge Re-creation in  Industrial Cluster Based on Game Theory”, Journal of University of Electronic  Science and Technology of China(Social Sciences Edition),2,2010

“Analysis on the  Relationship between Rural Residents' Consumption and Income Based on the Error  Correction Model”, Commercial Research,12,2009

“Commercial Banks  Credit Risk Assessment based on BP Neural Network”, Statistics and  Decision,11,2009

“Research on  Evaluation System of Cluster Enterprises' Knowledge Management and Its  Application”, Science of  Science and Management of S.& T., 12,2008.

“An Empirical  Analysis on Cluster Enterprises Alliance in Coping with International Trade  Friction: Based on Modified Shapley Value Method in Profit Allocation”, Journal  of International Trade,1 2008.

Research Project
1.Be in charge of  National Nature Science Foundation of China Project “Mechanisms of Domestic  Value Chain Reconstruction and Upgrade of Industry Cluster Driven by Domestic  Industry Transfer” (NSFC project number: 71203079).
2.Be in charge of Jiangsu  Social Science Fund Project “Analysis of the Differentiation on the Resident  Income in Jiangsu Province” (project number: 12EYC014).
3.Be in charge of  major project “Coordinated Development of the Yangtze River Delta based on  Global value chain” funded by the Provincial Education Department of Jiangsu  (project number: 2010SJB79005)
4.Be in charge of project “Research on the  Upgrade of Zhenjiang Local Producing Foreign Trade Enterprises Based on Global  Value Chain” funded by Zhenjiang Social science association (2010)
5.Be in  charge of project “Research on Knowledge Diffusion between Enterprises in  Industrial Cluster” funded by Jiangsu university (2010)
6.Participate in the  project of National Nature Science Foundation of China Project “Mechanism and  Empirical Study of International Transfer of Industrial Recession during  Financial Crisis and China’s Regional Adjustment of Industrial Structure” (NSFC  project number: 70973045)  
Honors and  Awards
1.Excellent Member of Jiangsu University,  2014

2.Second Award of  Practice Innovation by Jiangsu Development & Reform Commission.  2011

3.Second Award of Excellent Economic Census project of Jiangsu Province,  2007


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