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Chen Lizhen
date:2020-09-18   view:

Title: Professor;Doctoral Supervisor
Address:School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, P. R. China
【Research Field & Interest】
1.International economic and technology cooperation
2.Transnational management
3.Modern service industry and service trade
【Educational Background】
1.03/1978~01/1982: Study of management engineering at the Wuhan Institute of Technology (The predecessor of Wuhan University of Technology)
2.09/1986~01/1988: graduate study of Business Administration at University of Bordeaux in France
3.09/1999-06/2007: Doctoral Study of Management Science & Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology
【Teaching Courses】
1.International Technology Trade
2.International Trade Theory and Practice
3.Transnational Cooperation and Direct Investment
4.Research international trade in services
5.Modern Industrial Economy Research
1. “A Research on the Principle of Introducing ‘Appropriate Technology’ and Increase of Chinese Technology Competitive Power”in Journal of International Trade,(12),2000
2. “The Internal Relationship between FDI and the development of Service industry in China” in Jiangsu Commercial Forum,(7),2007
3. “Research on the Present Condition, Problems and Strategies of the Investment Abroad by Jiangsu Enterprises ”in Modem Economic Research, (3), 2007,
4. “Empirical Analysis on Influence of Transnational R&D Investment on China’s Technology Innovation” in Journal of Jiangsu University,(3),2008
5. “The Study on the Effect and Mechanism of Foreign-invested High-tech Enterprises on China’s Exports of High-tech Products” inScience & and Technology Process and Policy, (11),2008
6. “The Study of Competitiveness of China’s Textile Clothing Industry Based on   ‘Diamond Model’” in Practice inForeign Economic Relations and Trade, (12), 2009
7. “Study about the Growth of Our China’s High-tech Products Export Based on Logistic Curve” in International Business, (5),2010
8. “Study on the Industrial Relations among Productive Services Industries in Jiangsu Province” in Science and Technology Management Research, (1), 2011
9. “Study on Leading Industries Selection of Modern Service Industries of Jiangsu Province Based on AHP”in Commercial Research, (6), 2011
【Research Project】
1.Participate in the Project “Mechanism and Empirical Study of International Transfer of Industrial Recession during Financial Crisis and China’s Regional Adjustment of Industrial Structure” funded by Chinese National Natural Science Foundation
2.Participate in the Project “To Develop Leading Industries of Jiangsu Modern Service Industries” funded by Social Science Planning Office of Jiangsu Province
【Honors and Awards】
1.Prize of Zhenjiang Science and Technology Progress, 2003;
2.Second Award of Excellent social science application project of Jiangsu Province, 2007;
3.Prize of Jiangsu Bureau of Statistics, 2007;
4.Excellent Textbook of Jiangsu Province, 2008

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