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He Dan
date:2020-09-18   view:


Associate Professor
ADDRESS         School of Finance and Economics,
Jiangsu University
301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang 212013 Jiangsu Province, P. R. China
Research Field & Interest    
1.  Low Carbon Economy and Industrial Development
2. Open Economy and Regional Development
1.  09/2009~06/2012:Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China, Doctoral Degree in Economics
2. 09/2006~06/2009: Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China, Master Degree in Industrial Economics
3.09/2002-06/2006: Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China, Bachelor Degree in Economics
Teaching Courses:    
1.  Microeconomics
2. Macroeconomics
3.  Industrial Economics
4. International marketing
Published Papers    
1.He,Dan and Tian, Li-xin.(2015). An Empirical Analysis on the Level of Industrial Structure Optimization based on Low-carbon Economy Transition.         Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology         (Social Science Edition),31-40
2.He,Dan and Huang Tao.(2016). Leading Industry Choice and Development Strategy of Industrial Structure’s Low-carbon transformation         .         Macroecomics,11,131-141.
3.He,Dan and Li ,Wen-chao. (2016). Measures on Sustainable Development of China Railway Express Drivern by Port Cities.         China Business and market,11,105-110
4.He, Dan and Li ,Wen-chao. (2013). An Empirical Research on Industrial Structure Optimization of Provincial Area Based on Two-oriented Society Architecture.         Building Materials and Engineering Management, v 357-360,1706-1709.
5.Li, Wen-chao and He Dan.(2013). The Research on Eco-innovation paths of Economics System Sustainable Development.         Science Management Research, 4, 16-19.
6.He, Dan and Zhao Yu-lin.(2012). The Impact of Industrial Structure Change on Ecological Efficiency.         Wuhan         University         of Technology (Social Science Edition), 10,694-698.
7.He, Dan and Zhao,yu-lin(2012).The status of Small-medium cities in China-take Zhenjiang for example.         Master,3,321-323.
8.Zhao, Yu-lin and He, Dan.(2009).Analysis on the Utilization Efficiency of Sci-Tech Innovation Resources in Knowledge-Intensive Cities.         China soft science , 10, 109-116.
9.He, Dan and Zhao Yu-lin .(2007).The Development of Wuhan’s headquarter economy and its impact to middle part China.         Special Zone Economy,10,169-170.
Present Research Program:    
1.“Implement Approaches of Innovation-Driven Strategy Based on Regional Innovation System with different Structures”, a project funded by The Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science Project (201609~201912 )
2.“Innovative Development of China-foreign Cooperative Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province:Approaches and countermeasures”,a Project funded by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu (201705~201802)
3.“Transmission mechanism of China’s manufacture industry producing behavior From Interactive Innovation” , oundation of China(201709~202012)haviour a Project funded by National Science Foundation of China(201709~202012)
Honors and Awards    
1. Approaches of Innovation-Driven Strategy Based on Regional Innovation System in Zhenjiang,The Tenth Philosophy and Social Science excellent paper of Jiangsu academic conference, The 3         rd Prize, 2016
2.The overall thinking of Industrial innovative development transformed by Southern Jiangsu pattern, China Business association, the 1         st Prize,2015
3.The seventh Teaching Competition of Jiangsu University, The 3         rd Prize, 2016
4.The Second term Bilingual and English Teaching Competition of Jiangsu University , The 3         rd Prize, 2015
5.The eighth Teaching Competition of Jiangsu University, The 2         od Prize, 2016


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