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The 2022 Construction Promotion Conference of Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Innovation Team for Philosophy and Social Sciences was successfully held
date:2022-06-16   view:

    On the afternoon of June 15, our college successfully held the 2022 Construction Promotion Conference of the excellent innovation Team of "Low-carbon Economy and Industrial Development" in Philosophy and social Sciences of Jiangsu Universities.Professor Zhang Jijian, who is the Standing member of the Party Committee of the University, the Vice President of the University and the leader of the innovation team of "Low-carbon Economy and Industrial Development", Professor Wu Mengyun, the dean of the School of Finance and Economics, and all the team members attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Professor Hu Xuhua, president of the Institute of Industrial Economics.

    First of all, President Hu Xuhua introduced the construction of the innovation team since its approval from five aspects, including the introduction and training of team talents, the phased display of results , the progress of the annual plan, the main problems facing at present and the funding results recognition scheme.

      Afterwards, Vice President Zhang Jijian, the leader of the team, gave guidance on how to cultivate landmark academic achievements, win high-level talent projects, expand academic communication channels, collaborative innovation platform, enhance the academic influence of the team at home and abroad, implement the achievement award program and other issues, indicating the direction for speeding up the team construction.

    Finally, President Wu Mengyun spoke on behalf of the School of Finance and Economics leadership.President Wu fully affirmed the fruitful achievements of the innovation team in the early stage of construction, and said that he would coordinate resources and continue to support the construction of the innovation team.

    Against the background of multiple COVID-19 outbreaks in China, the successful holding of the promotion meeting not only made a comprehensive summary of the preliminary construction work of the excellent innovation team of "Low-carbon Economy and Industrial Development" in the philosophy and social sciences of universities in Jiangsu Province, but also proposed a feasible plan for the team to overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic and strive to produce more high-quality results. This meeting has achieved a good effect of unifying understanding and encouraging people to move forward.

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