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2022 Jiangsu Postgraduate Research Innovation Competition on ... 2022-11-15 view:
Our industrial policy evaluation team successfully completed ... 2022-09-19 view:
Happy Teachers' Day! 2022-09-09 view:
Congratulations to Ms. He Dan who was awarded the 2022 evalua... 2022-08-25 view:
The 2022 Construction Promotion Conference of Jiangsu Provinc... 2022-06-16 view:
Wish all teachers and students peace and health on Dragon Boa... 2022-06-03 view:
Our faculty members attended an educational lecture on the th... 2022-05-26 view:
Teachers of our college participate in the centralized educat... 2022-05-12 view:
Happy Labor Day to all teachers 2022-05-01 view:
The opening meeting of the project "Research on High Quality ... 2022-04-27 view:
The Online Final Report of <Jiangyin Qishan Lake Science and ... 2022-04-17 view:
The Interim Report Meeting of the <Jiangyin Qishan Lake Scien... 2022-01-15 view:

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