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Professor Sun Huaping gave a lecture under the title "Double Cycle and Regional Development" on the "Wukesong Forum"
date:2020-11-26   view:

On November 24, the "Wukesong Forum" academic lecture event hosted by the Propaganda Department of the School Party Committee and undertaken by the School of Finance and Economics was successfully, held in Conference Room 1301, Sanjiang Building. The lecturer is Professor Sun Huaping from the School of Finance and Economics, and the theme of the report is "Double Cycles and Regional Development". Teachers and students from all colleges of the school went to the site to learn and listen to the lecture.

In the lecture, Professor Sun Huaping introduced the concept of "carbon neutrality" from the background proposed by the theme of the report, analyzed its current situation and future situation forecast, combined with the background of Sino-US relations and the new crown epidemic, and introduced the current status of "international and domestic dual cycles". In addition, the implementation strategy and path of internal circulation, etc., shared various research results of our hospital in recent years.

The lectures used rich charts to present the content. The vivid language and scholarly demeanor deeply attracted the teachers and students present, and left a deep impression on the teachers and students on the spot. Everyone felt that they benefited a lot.

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