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State Enterprise Reform and Innovation Institute
Principal: Kong Yu Sheng;Li Kao Dui
Focusing on the guidance on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in September 2015, on the basis of the previous cooperation with the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the relevant research on the reform and innovation of state-owned enterprises is further carried out. The main research contents include the theory of state-owned enterprise reform, system design, enterprise strategy, the development of multinational corporations, foreign capital mergers and acquisitions, the theory and policy of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Open Economic and Industrial Development Institute
Principal: Hu Xu Hua;He Dan
Based on the practice of economic reform and opening up, this paper probes into how China can effectively utilize domestic and foreign resources and improve the development strategy and management mechanism of China's industrial competitiveness under the environment of open economy development, and carries out a series of research topics around open economy and industrial development. The main research contents include international investment and technology transfer, international trade theory policy and practice, international enterprise management, industrial innovation, industrial upgrading, industrial transfer, etc.

Institute of Low Carbon Economy and Environmental Regulation
Principal: Sun Hua Ping
Focusing on the major plans of the 18th National Congress to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" put forward by the Fifth Plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, on the basis of hosting the National Bureau of Statistics and Jiangsu University Natural Fund in the early stage, the related research on ecological economy and regional development was further carried out. The main research contents include ecological economy theory, industrial ecological strategy, low carbon industry development system design, regional industry transfer and upgrading, regional coordinated development, regional innovation system theory and policy.

Modern Services Institute
Principal: Chen Yin Fei
With the development of digital economy, it is urgent to transform the traditional service industry with modern new technology, new business form and new service mode, create demand, guide consumption, and provide the service industry with high added value, high level and knowledge type production service and life service to the society. The main research contents include: communication services and information services, international logistics and sustainable supply chain management ," Belt and Road "international education and agricultural support services.

Institute for Financial Development
Principal:Tan Zhong Ming, Jiang Hong Li, Yuan Shi Chen, Wang Shu Bin
Based on the trend of modernization, innovation and internationalization of the financial industry, guided by solving theoretical and practical problems in financial reform, opening up and development, and aiming at serving the financial industry and local economic and financial construction, In addition to undertaking national, provincial and ministerial level vertical research, It also accept horizontal research or high-level financial personnel training tasks commissioned by local governments at all levels, financial regulatory departments, financial institutions and enterprises. The main research contents include new forms of finance and Internet finance, systemic financial risk generation and prevention, science and technology finance and technology enterprise financing, financial science and technology and commercial bank innovation and development, investor behavior theory and financial market stability, monetary policy effect, international capital flow and so on.

Institute of Insurance and Social Security
Principal: Xu Xiao Yang, Zhou Jian Zai, Xiao Zhi Yong
According to the demands of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and various financial supervision departments to prevent and defuse systemic financial risks, and based on the perspective of insurance and behavioral economics, relevant research topics are carried out. The main research directions are securities investment behavior and risk management, long-term nursing insurance, rural land performance insurance, and provide advice for the healthy and stable development of China and Jiangsu economy.

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